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Our Investments

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Consumer & Leisure

The Consumer & Leisure sector is a longstanding area of focus for CAPITALP. Investments in the sector have been made by each of our last three Funds, dating back to 2003. Utilising the broad expertise of our team and of our operating Partners, we focus particularly on Food and Food Ingredients, Beauty Products, Luxury and Leisure & Entertainment.

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Industrials & Energy Transition

Capitalp has a long history of investing in Industrial & Energy Transition related companies often backing family or founder owned businesses as they undergo intergenerational transitions, international expansion or spin-off from larger industrial conglomerates.

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Healthcare expenditure represents between 9% and 11% of GDP in all European countries. With positive macro trends in Europe, including ageing populations, increased life expectancy and growing government deficits in some countries, CAPITALP continues to actively search for opportunities in the sector.


CAPITALP focuses on mid-market transactions, providing owners with tailored solutions and businesses with industrial expertise and operating focus to accelerate growth and enhance value creation.

CAPITALP has a history accessing and executing proprietary transactions targeting meaningful businesses which have established and highly defensive market positions and where CAPITALP can help accelerate the growth of the business.

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